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Developing Better People, Better Footballers

Rose Football Academy was created by Professional footballer Joshua Rose in 2017.

Josh was a professional footballer for 17 years, amassing over 350 professional games. At the age of 36, his dedication, discipline and attitude to the game still had him playing at the highest level in Australia for Central Coast Mariners in the Hyundai A-league. 

Josh has been coaching/mentoring kids in football since he was 20 years old as it has always been a passion of his.

After having 3 boys of his own and essentially seeing a real lack of development options in the Central Coast area, he decided to take it upon himself to give back to the people of the coast.

Josh was most definitely not the most talented player growing up, and quite often missed out on representative teams. Through his determination and real love for the game, he continued chasing his dream to carve out a fantastic career that spanned across different countries and clubs at the highest level.

Josh has experienced many different football cultures throughout his career, and now plans to pass on that football knowledge to the next generation.

"The main reason I started Rose Football Academy is because I want to be the person that I would have loved to have coach/mentor me back when I was younger. I will always be honest, fair and respectful to the kids as I believe that is the best way for them to develop both in life and football."

Josh Rose.

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